Friday, May 16, 2008

Global Warming Comes to Portland

This week we went from 50 degrees and raining to 95 degress and hot in just three days. I am feeling some Global Warming and I am not happy. The terrible thing is that this weather makes me want to increase my carbon footprint. Our house is not air conditioned, but our car is. I am tempted to just drive around town in the cool car.
We went to play in the water today, but since it is May and pools are not open yet, everyone is going to the parks to stay cool. It was so crowded that I did not feel comfortable. I had a hard time keeping track of my kids. To make things worse, these dads and their sons came in and decided to have this giant squirt gun fight. They had big squirt guns and were getting everyone else who were just trying to watch their kids. Many of us had camera and did not want to get them soaked. I guess the dirty looks finally got to the squirt gun fight gang and they disappeared. Maybe the went to a wide-open space instead of a crowded city park with small kids who did not want to get super soaked.
I took pictures, but I am too hot and tired to get the pictures off my camera.
I do not have any layouts today, but I thought I would share the kits I am going to work with this weekend. I am real excited.
What Dreams May Come by MGL Scraps and Flergs at Elemental Scraps. This preview is just the papers. You have to go see the elements.

Tangerine Dreams by Lindsay Jane Designs at Scrapbook-Bytes


Juliana said...

Those are lovely kits that you posted today! Makes me tempted to go shopping!

Garynka said...

I agree on the weather. We have a lots of rain this year. Well, mother nature isn't satisfied with what people are doing...
Have a wonderful weeekend!

Creative Junkie said...

those papers look gorgeous!

We've gone from mid-70s to low 50's in the last 2 days and now it's raining. But around here, you just have to wait 5 minutes for the weather to change!

Heidi said...

I know how you feel, the weather. I am quite sure I have used the heat and the air in the car on the same day. UGH!

I can't imagine that family using squirt guns in the park. What the heck are people thinking? Sheesh!

Love those kits. Have fun playing..I agree with Juliana, I wanna go shopping! ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend...with hopefully a decent temperature!

Kristin said...

I enjoyed reading your blog:-) In Norway we have had 4 degrees Celsius today(should be about 39 Fahrenheit I think) I would be happy to be where you are! Brrrr....

Victoria said...

The weather is nutty here, too! Luckily, the weather was perfect today to enjoy nice breezes and pleasant walks.

Great layout previews! :)

RefreshMom said...

I can relate; we haven't had the cold weather you have, but it's been very nice and 70ish for the past couple of weeks. We've had 3 days of 100+ and I hate it! We HAVE A/C, but the house is still 85inside until some time after 10 pm. Bleck! We didn't drive around just to stay cool, but it was cooler in the car than just about anyplace else we went (except for McD's Playland--inside and mercifully cool--drastic weather calls for drastic measures!). An iced tea for me and ice cream for the kiddos made us all cooler and happier.

We're hoping to make it up that way soon. I'd be happy to encounter some good ol' Portland weather when we do!


AfriDigiDiva said...

Beautiful kits!
Our weather has been loopy here too. Total mayhem.