Monday, May 12, 2008

bathtub contents

I have wrote here about Liam's potty training - he is now pretty much potty trained. He is not, however, poop trained.
I have also wrote about the Liam's habit of pooping in the swimming pool.
Yesturday, he was taking his nightly bath. We usually get Mexican food for dinner and Liam eats beans and rice which have about 70 grams of fiber. So, I was folding and putting away clothes and Liam was content in the bathtub. Too quiet and too content. After a few minutes, I looked in to make sure he was doing okay. Liam had pooped in the bathtub and was sitting in there playing like nothing was the matter. I asked him to pull the plug and got him out. I waited for water to drain and see the extent of the problem. When the water was gone, it was disgusting! I got it all cleaned out and then sprayed down the bathtub and all the bathtub toys with scrubbing bubbles. The can says it kills 95% of the bacteria. Afterwards I put some soap on a wash cloth and and washed Liam up good. He did not have any poop on his body, but still...he had been sitting in a tub full of it. After he was cleaned, he got dressed.
The thing that disturbs me the most about this is that he really did not care that he was sitting in a tub full of poo. Everyone has accidents, but it would be nice if it bothered him.
Here is my page of pictures of Christian from the choir problem. Christian just walked in there and did what he was told. He did not have all of the drama that Liam had, but I give him 5 stars for sweetness and following instructions.
Credits: Kit: Devon by Julie Bullock - Alpha - Brown Paper Alpha by Julie Bullock


Scrappy Cats Designs said...

Kids just don't get it about poo! Some even pull it from their diaper and smear it all over the walls. sigh, mine did.

AfriDigiDiva said...

Too funny, but not!! They'll get the hang of it. Keep trying.

Eve said...

Aww poor guy, but he will get it!

thumper6423 said...

Ah yes, I'm starting to remember what's ahead of me now. I'm so hoping my 2nd is easier to potty train than my first was.

Barb said...

I've certainly had days where I've felt like I was swimming in it! Big hugs....he'll get there, really!

Anonymous said...

yep I'm with Nancy, my 9 year old painted his walls once with it - um...I should probably mention this was 8 years ago and not yesterday.

Though my 4 year old just got royally reamed for uh - wiping then wiping her hand on the wall. Blech. I was ticked.

Kids and poo. So much fun!