Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Five years ago

Five years ago we met Christian for the first time in Korea. It is hard to believe it. So much has happened in that time. Christian has grown and changed so much. He has a younger brother.
It is hard to believe that little baby sucking on his fist, bound and determined to roll on his stomach is the same boy who hippity hops around the house, talks non-stop and pretends he is a super-hero.
Here is a little flashback: (Credits below)

Seoul 03: Papers Whispering Forest by Lindsay Jane Designs & Dreams in Color: Potential by MGL Scraps
Five Years Ago: Rufus by Julie Bullock
Then and Now: Missing the Tales by Julie Bullock & What Dreams May Come by MGL Scraps & Studio Flergs

Some people wanted to know how Christian's snack day went today. Some kids really liked the rice and kelp and some did not. It was like most foods and kids. His referred to the snack as a different kind of snack. She meant in a good way. Christian brought this up later in the day and I asked him if he thought different was good and he said yes.


Beth Nixon said...

Love the layouts of how he's changed. Really moving. Thanks for sharing!!

Beth at:

Nani said...

Great layouts! How special he is and wise beyond his years to want to share things that are special and different with his classmates. Glad he was pleased with the response.

dlynch said...

Beautiful LOs! Have a great weekend!