Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More bodily fluids

Today was my grocery shopping day. I do my grocery shopping without the kids. I was driving to Winco and listening to Manic Mommies. Erin and Kristen were discussing some of the things they hated about motherhood. Erin was sharing how she hates bodily fluids, especially when she has to clean them up in the middle of the night. She was sharing that her younger son has problems with bloody noses. I can relate, because Christian is prone to bloody noses. Just as she was discussing this, I grabbed a kleenex to wipe my nose and I HAD A BLOODY NOSE! I had problems with bloody noses as a child, but do not get them often as an adult. I was just waiting for the traffic to clear to pull into the parking lot, so I was able to pull in and while I am driving and dealing with the bloody nose, Erin is giving a graphic account of her son's bloody noses, which did not make me feel better. I was able to find a parking spot and turn off the car. I was hoping the bleed would stop quickly, but it did not, so I turned off the car, put the seat back and just rested there, pinching my nose and listening to the podcast. I have to admit, it was not too bad. I don't often get the chance to just lounge in the car in the middle of the day and listen to podcasts.
After a few minutes the bleed stopped and I was able to do my shopping.
I also went to Costco. I have a friend, Audrey who works as a chicken roaster at Costco. She has told me all of the horrible stories about how customers treat the chicken roasters. The price of chickens went up at Coscto recently (the cost of everything has gone up) and customers yelled at her for it. I suggested she tell them that if they raised and slaughtered their own chickens, they could probably save some money and the would have free fertilizer from the chicken poop. So I always think of Audrey when I walk by the roasted chickens and I resist the temptation to bend down and start yelling at the roasters.
I was so busy today that I did not get a layout finished. Tommorow is Christian's class play at school, so I will have some picutres to share from that.


Amanda said...

glad your bloody news cleared up.. i agree it probably was nice just relaxing there.

lol too funny about the chicken roasters.

Juliana said...

My DH has problems with bloody noses, and one of my DD's does, too. I feel for you!

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Char said...

LOL about the chicken roasters - I'm personally glad to NOT have my own chickens in the back yard. I wouldn't mind the fresh eggs, but the hassle would NOT be worth it! :-)

Creative Junkie said...

My eldest had a series of bloody noses years ago - definitely not a pretty sight. And why do they always happen in the middle of the night? Laughed at the chicken roaster comments!