Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weedend plans

Our weekend plans...we don't really have any. I have Michael Clayton and Juno from, so I will watch them. The boys have Stuart Little and they will probably watch that again.
I have to work this afternoon and Monday morning and David has to work Monday afternoon and evening. I get time and a half on Monday and David gets Double time and a half. I would love to say we have some big plans for the extra $$$, but we get to pay our savings account back from a recent Vetranarian bill after our cat Bronte got into a cat fight and got a nasty abcess. She is almost completely healed now. She and our cat Luna are no longer allowed to go outside since they get into cat fights and we cannot afford to support their lifestlye.
Liam and I also have colds, so we need to take it easy. We also have a road trip in a bit more than two weeks, so we want to save our gas money for that, this means we are keeping us close to home, but no worries, rain is in the forcast, so we are not really missing anything.
If I can get some rainbreaks, I might plant corn, beans and sunflowers and buy a few tomato plants and transplant them to the yard.
I do have a garden update. I think we need to run some kind of onion farm. That seems to be the only thing we can grow, the onion family. Our Walla Walla sweets are looking great. I can't wait to eat some of those little delights. They are so good fresh from the garden that you can eat the onion straight.
We have used all our frozen blueberries and ate all of our jam I made last year, so I can't wait for berry season to begin in a few weeks. Our rasberry bushes have buds. I am going to get a single batch freezer jam recipe and just go out and pick a cup or two of rasberries and make jam a few times a week, so we have enough to get us through the winter next year.
Here is a layout.
Credits: Missing the Tales by Sweet Digi Scraps. This is may layout for the Font Jaunt Challenge at Elemental Scraps


Jessie said...

Ooo I love movies. Micheal Clayton was alright more of a movie for my Hubby LOL and I loved Juno.Have fun watchin them. Stuart little is one of my daughters favs heehee she just loves that lil mouse!

Juliana said...

My kids love Stuart Little!
Have a super weekend!

Josoliviamaid said...

Aw, you're making me remember how much I miss having a big garden and living in farm country. :-)

Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Oh, I love gardening! I've started my stuff from seeds in the sunroom as we don't dare put anything in the ground till after Fathers day due to frost conditions in this high country we live in, but my seedlings are doing great (lets hope they continue that trend once I get them in the I also can't wait for the chokecherries and huckleberries to come in this year (hopefully they won't get wiped out by frost again), I love making jam/jelly and chokecherry cheesecake!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog!