Saturday, May 31, 2008

10 mile bike ride

I bought a trailer for my bike, so I can haul the boys around. I have taken out on long bike rides (with the boys in tow) the last two days. I rode down to the Farmer's Market that is held in my church parking lot (not related to the church, they just rent the lot to the farmer's market people) and then to OMSI yesturday.
I rode to pick up Christian at school yesturday and after class we rode the rest of the way to OMSI. Getting down there was slightly challenging. Getting home was really hard. Liam found a truffle I bought at the Farmer's Market and ate it. I think this is why he had four bowel movements yesturday. He usually only has one, so I only brought one back up pull up with me to OMSI. He pooped twice while we were there. There are not any stores close to OMSI and if I was to stop on the way home, it would be several blocks out of the way and I was almost home, so I decided to just get home. I cleaned him up and put him straight in the bath tub, then he pooped one more time after his bath.
I am very upset that he at my truffle while was at work yesturday and to add insult to injury, I was the one who had to change all those pull ups/diapers that is just too much.
Liam was really acting up at OMSI, so when I got something to eat, I let Christian get an ice cream bar, but Liam did not get one. Now that I know that the little glutton at my truffle, I am even more glad that I did not get him anything sweet.
So back to biking. When I got home, I was exhausted and thinking that I am never doing that again, then I looked up the mileage of the ride and went to an online calorie buring tool and saw that I burned 1200 calories biking alone, this does not count running around after the kids or all the running around at work in the morning. After seeing how many calories I burned, I quickly started changing my mind.
I only need to be able to ride a couple of miles on fairly flat roads to get to the beach when we go camping, so after a couple of long bike rides, my rides at the beach will be easy and that is my goal.
I am going to buy a bike rack for the van today, which is my last big purchase for the camping trip.
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Jessie said...

Aww I miss biking. I used to bike ALL the time with my son in a baby seat in the back of my bike. I need to get one of those trailers to put my girls in now heehee. Love the Lo's Have a great rest of the weekend!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the reminder to get my bike ready for the summer! i love to pull my 2yo dd in it and what a great workout it is! (which i definitely need after a long winter in front of the computer!)

Stacey said...

Beautiful layouts!!! I'm with you about the bike riding. Now the weather is getting hot and humid which always makes me say!! I will do it -early in the morning if I don't make it to the gym. Awesome blog!!