Sunday, June 1, 2008

Getting Gas - Scary

I went to get gas yesturday and I went to the cheapest place around and WOW! How nasty. If the results from the online calorie buring calculator did not elevate my view of cylcling enough, the price of gas did. We will be planning our activities this summer with the price of gas in mind. In the past, I have taken the boys for a drive in the evening, when they are not calming down enough. Liam will go to sleep in the trailer and if I take them on on the bike, I burn calories and they can calm down.
I made my last big purchase for the bike yesturday. A car rack, so I can take it on the road. I had quite the power shopping trip yesturday. I wanted to get most of my pre-camping shopping taken care of and I had some things to buy for an end of the year teacher's gift at Christian's school. I was able to pick up several fun, yet cheap things for the boys when we go camping. I bought Christian a jump rope, bought new bubble wants (note to self, pack duct tape for when they break the wands). They now have one of those ball sets with the velcroed catchers. I also bought some fresh color/activity books for them. Since I know I will be alone with them this year, I want to make sure they have plenty to do.
I did this layout last night. Everything is by Tracy Monette. Paper - Dandilion revisited, Overlay - Quirky Acitates, Dogs: Tracey's Doggy Doodles and Alpha - Tracey's Quirky Farm

I made this journal with Jannylyn Brokken's Spring Burst

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Beth Nixon said...

Oh what a great idea to take them out!! I also went on a big shopping spree for crafts and such for the summer!

Now, get some photos of you hauling those kids around. I want to be inspired!

Juliana said...

Sounds like you had a great time shopping - and all set for camping! Awesome!

movefearlessly said...

that is a great idea - good for them, great for you! very nice layout.

LuAnn said...

How awesome that you're doing some biking! Great way to spend some family time together and burn some calories! I loved the hybrid journal you did

thumper6423 said...

What a great idea to take the boys for a bike ride. We dont' have bikes, so I'm not sure which is cheaper, gas or the bikes and all the accessories we need to take the boys.

Have fun camping. I hope the weather is great for you.

Cute layout and journal as well. I really like the big Clifford.

Amy said...

Wow, you have totally inspired me! Now to get off my lazy butt... LOL