Saturday, June 21, 2008

Garden update and weekend plans

We finally got some warm weather this week and this has really helped the garden. The spring was so cool that the rasberries are not even close to being ready. Last year we had rasberries at this time and this year I don't think we will have any until August. The good news is the jams I plan to make will last further into the year next year.
I Corn and pumpkins I planted a couple of weeks ago are popping up quite quickly and I transplanted the basil I started from seed yesturday and put the plants out in the garden.
We are finished with the first session of swimming lessons. The boys and I went to dinner and ice cream last night after class and Liam fell asleep on the bike ride home. He was asleep in the trailer and I picked him up to carry him into the house. I realized that I could not get to my keys, so I had him sit on the door step while I unlocked the door. He just sat there and when we got into the house, I put him on our bed and he woke up a bit and started asking for dinner. I went back out to put the bike and trailer in the garage and when I came back, he was passed out on the bed.

In two hours I start my ballet class. I have been wanting to start ballet again for a while. I signed up for a class last summer and went to two classes then the teacher moved to New York and they could not find anyone else to teach at the same time. I plan to ride my bike to add another layer of exercise and of course, to save on gas. The ballet studio is just a few blocks from where Chrisitan went to preschool so I am familiar with most of the ride and it will be much easier without the kids in tow in the trailer.

I finally got a chance to do first layout using Seascape by Lindsay Jane Designs last night.

I rented a movie from Red Box for the first time last night. They have a box at our neighborhood Safeway and I picked up 27 Dresses (cute). I forgot to send movies back to Blockbuster all week, so this was a great way to get a movie for Friday night. I like that it is cheap and it features the more popular movies. I can run down and grab a new release and use Blockbuster for lesser known movies and TV Shows.


poohgirlMD said...

wow, what a great blog you have here! got to see it through DST! :)

5peasinapod said...

good for you getting back into dance and riding your bike there! Isn't it nice not to have to have the kiddos in tow? As always...great layouts!

Heather aka 5peasinapod

Kiki said...

Ballet. How wonderful! Great idea to bike too!

Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Great layout and photos!

We finally got our plants put out in the garden now that the frost is pretty much gone, they're so much fun to do!

Have a great weekend!

Kelsey S said...

Beautiful page! You have a wonderful blog.

Kelsey S.