Friday, June 20, 2008

Swimming Lessons Day 4 & Beach Kits

We made it through day four of swimming lessons yesturday. Just one more day. We got to the community center/park a bit early and they had the wading pool filled, so the boys played there until it was time to go in and shower for class.
Liam made it through the entire class yesturday. He might have a the better approach to life than the rest of us. He goes into a new situation, makes a huge scene and then expectations are set very low. When he returns to classes, people are grateful for any slight improvement in behavior from him and don't demand much. I wonder what my life would have been like if I would have done things that way. It sounds like something George Costanza from Seinfeld would do in a new relationship or job.
Christian is doing very well. When the teachers ask him to do something he is not comfortable with, he tries to negotiate with them and talk them into something easier. The teachers still make him to the tasks they assign. There is one thing called the monkey crawl, where they crawl along the wall. The class constists of Christian, Liam and three girls. When they did the monkey yesturday, Christian and Liam were moving along the wall quickly and the three girls were well behind them with one of the teachers trying to speed them up and push them along.
If everything goes well at class today we are going to grab dinner at the local healthfood/mexican restaurants (they have toy dinosaurs for the kids to play with) then we are getting ice cream down the street. The pool restuarant and ice cream shop are all easy (no hills) bike ride away.
I thought I would show some fun beach kits that I have been working with this last week.
I have not had a chance to do a layout with Lindsay Jane Designs latest kit Seascape because it just came out yesturday. This kit also has an add-on, bracket album and quick page set. This is a huge kit and I can't wait to get to work with it. This is available at scrapbook-bytes

Tracey's Beachcomber Elements and Paper at scrapbook-elements

Here are three fun kits available at Elemental Scraps
Swim by Shantilly Faire

Summer in Mind by Claudi Designs & Cinnamon Designs

Beach Bum by Amanda Geils

I did this layout for the Bits and Pieces challenge at Elemental Scraps. The kit is a free download called Blue Bayou by Angie Kovacs


Miranda Buijs said...

Love all those beach should check out Amy Hutchinson's new kit is great!
Have a great weekend,

movefearlessly said...

great kits! i had to chuckle at your descriptions of the boys' behavior - tho it's probably not as funny to you!