Sunday, June 29, 2008

We are having a very hot weekend. The problem with heat around here is that is comes on so suddenly and then after a few days, drops back down into the 70s & 80s. The sudden spikes of heat make it more difficult to cope with when they come. I was feeling terrible yesturday afternoon.
Yesturday morning, I went to ballet class and one of my big toe nails was really hurting. I just ignored it and kept on dancing. After class, I was changing into flip flops and I looked down and saw that a chunk of my toenail broke off. I have not idea when or how it happened. I hate dealing with feet things, so I put off taking the nail polish off and cleaning it up for several hours. By evening I finally did it and soaked it for a while before I clipped it down and cleaned up the edges. The area of the nail where it broke off was very rough and sharp and I could see why it hurt so much. I have had many problems with ingrown toenails in the past and I doubt this latest event will help that. I might even have one already.
We went to the Holt Picnic yesturday and the highlight was when Christian broke the pinata open. He takes his pinatas very seriously and can really hit them hard. He really went after the candy when it went down. I took some of the candy from him and gave it to other kids since he got so much.

We did not stay too long at the picnic because it was so hot. On the way home we saw a garage sale and there was a futon on sale for a good price and the boys needed a new arrangement for their room. So we bought it. It is a queen size futon, so the boys can share it quite comfortably and we can sit it up into a couch when they want to play in their room with friends.

Credits: Neon Tantrum by MGL Scraps, Stars & Staple Cozy Nights by Jannylyn Brokken, Text Path by Sharia Braxton & Bracket by Becki Kress

Credits: Grab bag by Tracey King, Tracey Monette & Phoung Ton at scrapbook-elements

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Amy said...

Ouchie! Hope your toe feels better!