Monday, June 30, 2008

My toenail is doing much better now that it has been trimmed up a bit. I did have an other freak injury yesturday. I went to work, bought a whole graim bagle, had it toasted with cream cheese. I was sitting in the back eating and when I was almost finished, I noticed some blood. I went back to the bathroom and my mouth was filled with blood and it was all over my teeth. I tried to rinse my mouth out, but the bleeding would not stop. It was time for me to begin my shift, so I grabbed an apron and held it in front of my face and went and told the manager in charge my problem. He asked me to go back and try to stop the bleeding before I begin helping customers. I sat in my manager's chair and put my head back and the manager came back and got some gauze out for me. I went through two gauze pads before I could stop the bleeding. The toasted bagel cut my mouth.
Liam was not feeling well today, so we stayed home. He fell asleep at the table when I was making dinner.

We are beginning a new month, which means new challenges.
I am hosting the Font Jaunt at Elemental Scraps
I am also hosting the Hybrid Challenge at Designs in Digital. We are making paint cans

Designs in Digital has a new owner and have some fun new challenges this month. I did this layout for the Roll Your Desk Top Challenge. Tigerlily, the new owner made the template. I used the kit Let's connect for this and the paint can. This is a fun collab kit that will be released at Designs in Digital on July 1

Lil Cuties by Shantilly Faire


Bridget said...

Love that paint can!! Great layouts! Poor Liam - hope he feels better by now!

SarahB said...

Poor little guy! Sounds like you needed a day at home after the previous day too! Hope everyone is feeling good today.

That paint can is too cute!

RefreshMom said...

I knew there was a reason I don't like my bagels toasted!