Thursday, June 19, 2008

swim lesson update and new family member

We had day three of swimming lessons yesturday. Christian went in the water and did exactly what the teachers told him to do. Liam was able to go in, but after a few minutes he got kicked out for not listening and doing what the teacher asked. He was so wild, a stranger would have thought I had slipped him some uppers before class. I took him to the locker room, got him dressed and then had him sit on my lap on the deck and watch Christian, since Christian was able to stay in class. I asked Liam what Christian did to get to stay in class. The class played a game where they sang the Alphabet song and Liam got really upset since he loves that song.
So here is a quick recap of swim lessons so far...
Day 1. Liam refuses to get in pool
Day 2. Liam has loose stools and cannot go to class
Day 3. Liam gets kicked out of class I was so happy to get them in the same class, I even brought a Real Simple Magazine to class in vain thinking I can get some reading done. This week is free. We have the classes we paid for in July. I am glad we did classes this week. If we can make progress now, hopefully it will help in July.
We also have a new family member....

We have not named her yet (we hope she is a girl) She has two buddies for about five weeks, but they are meat chickens so they will not get to spend much time in the hen house.
Here a couple more layouts from our beach trip.
Credits: Tracey's Beach Comber Elements and Paper, Alpha - Watery Alpha - Clever Monky Graphics by Tracey Monette

Credits: Country Blue by Lindsay Jane Designs

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Tammy said...

I remember the swimming lession days. They will do fine Mom and make you proud!! Have a great day!