Sunday, June 15, 2008

back from vacation

It has been a while since I updated the blog. I was very busy during the last few days of Christian's preschool and we were getting ready to take our annual trip to stay in a yurt in Bandon.
This is the end of the year gift for Christian's teacher and class assistant. We got handprints from all the kids and I mod-podged them all to the paint can. Everyone could put their cards and gift cards in the cans before we gave them to the teachers.

The next morning after school got out, the boys and I left for Bandon. The weather was beautiful, but it was quite windy. I brought my bike and trailer this year and we did a lot of biking. The ride to the beach is very easy and only takes a couple minutes more then driving.

On Wednesday we rode down to the south jetty to go out to the beach and see the tide pools. The tide was not very low, but we got to see something a little better then some starfish.

Are they too cute or what. They made us miss our cat Luna who lies around like that.
On Thursday we rode to the light house. It is a three mile bike ride from the campsite to the lighthouse and it was fairly easy getting there. The ride back was one of the hardest I have ever done and it was flat. The wind was blowing towards me and it was so strong that it was almost impossible to ride. The hills in Portland do not compare to riding against that wind. At one point the tendons around my knees were hurting so much I was a little worried. I decided I better walk the bike for a while. I was in more pain the next morning than I have been in after any of the rides around town.
On Friday, we stopped by the Oregon Coast Aquarium on the way home.

Christian always loves the touching pool. Liam is kind of scared of the animals at the aquarium. He is always unsure of things.
On the way to the Aquarium, I let the boys watch a couple DVDs in the car. They watched Veggie Tales first since Liam likes them and then I let Christian pick something and he chose to watch the Muppets. There is one skit with some Gingerbread men dancing and I did not realize that this freaked Liam out, so when it came on, he started screaming. I was driving on the coast highway and there was not a place for me to pull over and change the DVD so Liam just had to look away.
Credits: Country Blue by Lindsay Jane Designs

Liam had a cold during much of the trip. Christian and I caught the cold, so our first day home was not fun. I was in bed most of the day yesturday.


Juliana said...

I hope you are feeling better from your cold! It sounded like a great trip - I really admire your bike riding!

The teacher presents were super cute. I hope they enjoyed them.

LuAnn said...

very cute can!! love the hand print idea! sounds like a fun trip with all the bike riding!

Michelle said...

Looks like it was a fun trip. I love he Northwest and want to take DH and DS there someday. Its such a beautiful area of the country!