Wednesday, June 25, 2008

bumps, burns, Bach & bodily fluids

That title covers that last 36 hours very well.
Bumps - On the way out of Vacation Bible School, Christian and Liam were running down the sidewalk to the bike. Christian bumped into Liam on accident and Liam took quite a spill. His face must have travelled a bit on the pavement. He cried after he fell, but he has a high pain tolerance so the crying was not too bad and he was back to playing with his friends in just a couple minutes. He fell asleep on the bike ride home and then stumbled into the house, crawled up on the couch and slept for another hour or so. When he got up, his face looked nasty.
Here is a picture

Burns - Tuesday turned out to me much sunnier and warmer than I expected and I did not think to put on sun block while bicyling or swimming and I got a nasty sunburn on my arms. Judging from the ugly tan lines I have to say most of burning happened while biking not from swimming.
Bach - Chamber Music Northwest has open rehersals every Wednesday morning during the festival. We have gone often in past years. I was checking out the schedule yesturday and saw that Peter Schickele and an ensemble would be rehearsing. I called David and asked him if he could pick the boys up after Vacation Bible Study, then rode down to Reed College after work got to see the practice. Many, many years ago I was introduced to PDQ Bach, which is probably Peter Schickele's most famous work. He takes classical pieces and adds humor to them. Very fun for a high school orchestra member. I will have to check out iTunes and see if I can download some of his stuff. I bet the kids would love it.
Bodily Fluids - We went swimming again today and in one hour Liam pooped in his swim diaper, urinated out of a grocery cart all of the floor at Safeway and then had diahrea. I was out of underwear and pull ups and had to find a garbage can in the park, take the nasty pull up off and put a swim diaper on and beg him not to have any more functions until we get home since swim diapers do not really absorb things well. I finally just put a diaper on him at home. I think we will take a break for the rest of the week. We are almost out of Pull Ups and I don't want to take a special trip to Costco to buy more until next week and we have a ton of diapers. I was in tears at Safeway. I know so many people who have kids that just potty train themselves and we seem to be stuck in this never ending nightmare. Since Liam is almost four it is getting old. The one thing I can be thankful for is that we did not sign him up for preschool and put deposits down. Most preschools will not take him if he is not potty trained and if we had money out there, we would feel a lot of pressure to get this done.
Tracey Monette and Tracy King have a new kit North Americana coming out at Scrapbook-Elements on Sunday. I will put a direct link to the kit on Sunday when it is uploaded to the store.
I took this picture last 4th of July down in one of the neighborhoods where they put flags up for holidays.


Juliana said...

Potty training can be so hard! I know where you are coming from. It can get discouraging to hear when other people's kids have done it much earlier, but you know what? Each kid is different with their own circumstances. And, it doesn't mean you're a bad mom either - I remember feeling that way.

The rehearsal sounds like fun! What a great way to get people into classical music.

Have a super day!

Monique said...

Oh I'm so sorry things aren't going well with the potty training. My DD's almost 3.5 yrs old, and I was feeling like it was hopeless... but she's finally making progress. I wish you luck in your potty training!

Tammy said...

OH my goodness!! I remember my son potting through the side of his diaper. That was before the new fangled diapers they have today.

DawnMarch said...

Whew, it sounds like you had one of those days! I know all we moms can relate. My DD had repeated bouts of diarrhea in a mall once -- we ran out of diapers and her clothes were covered. So we had to wrap her in a blanket and run home!

Hang in there!

RefreshMom said...

Oh Michelle! What a couple days it's been! We had a tough time getting Bug to cooperate with potty training, so I broke down and did one of the "potty train in a day" things. It really took about 3 days, but once it was done it was done (for the most part). It meant he and I doing nothing but eating stuff that would make him thirsty, watching DVD's and reading books about using the potty and hanging out near the potty seat for an entire weekend (DH had to take Boo and keep him occupied for most of the time), but it was sure better than months of torture over the whole thing.

I don't know if it would work for Liam; it's not a fun couple of days, but that was pretty short in the grand scheme of things. I can send you the link for the e-book we used if you want.

I hope you're all on the mend!