Monday, June 2, 2008

Move Over Martha Stewart!

My Day -
I went to work this morning. Came home, planted the rest of the garden (corn, pumpkins, beans & sunflowers). Went into the house and baked lemon mini-scones and chocolate chip cookies for Bible Study tommorow (eggs from my hen house). I made tuna salad with sweet onions from the farmer's market and made tuna melts for dinner. (I am the only one who eats tuna salad, the boys had cheesy melts and celery dipped in peanut butter.
After I finished cooking I started in on the class gift for Christian's teachers. I will post pictures when I am done. I also made little thank you gifts for the boy's teachers at church that involed glue sticks, brads and a hole punch. I took pictures, but am too tired (I don't know why) to upload them tonight.
I will post hybrid projects in a couple of days.
I am glad that I did not have a camera filming me during my creation frenzy. I don't think Martha Stewart had to chase her kids out of the kitchen and ask them to resist tempatation when they see the cookies.
I am hosting the new hybrid challenge at Designs in Digital. We are making notebooks this month. Drop by and join in.

Credits: Earthly Pleasures - Designs in Digital May Colab kit
I have put more of my pictures from Japan on CD. Here is a layout from my trip to Kyoto in 1994. It was 103 degress with 100% humidity. This is why I put the sub-title where history and heat meet. Kinkakuji, which is the gold temple was damaged in the Kobe earthquake in January of 1995. I am assuming they have repaired it since then
Credits: Template by Crissy W. Kit: A Mother's Love by Claudi Designs & Princess Sophie


Amy Eileen said...

Wow! Sounds like you were a busy little bee!! There is no way Martha would be so calm and collected if she had kiddies running about. She seems to get slightly annoyed when adults get in her way. lol

Welli Designs said...

love that notebook .I gotta take a look at that hybrid challenge !

Tammy said...

*wipes sweat off of brow* are the woman!! I would love to see your garden and chicken coop. I love all that stuff and miss it terribly. Great layouts.

Beth Nixon said...

Holy cow . . . you ARE Martha Stewart . . . not BETTER . . . you did it all without a staff of 10 to help you out!!

Great job!

Kuoha Designs, Ink! said...

I love your homemaking skills! You are doing what I wish I was doing - gardening and making teach gifts.... OY!