Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Collab Kits & ice cream ball update

It is a new month which means new collab kits. Elemental Scraps and Designs in Digital both have wonderful kits. Here are a few things I did with the kits.

Credits: Requiem - Elemental Scraps June Collab Kit

Credits: Vintage Bride - Designs in Digital June Collab Kits
Other news....our Ice Cream Ball came today. I made ice cream on Sunday, so we have no need for anymore ice cream. I do want to do a trial run with the ball before we go camping. The boys will be so excited when I get it out and try to use it, that I will have difficulty thinking straight. I also want to make Kaluha ice cream, which I cannot share with the boys, so I think David and I will do a trial run on Saturday night after the boys go to bed and we can enjoy the ice cream together in peace.
The teacher gift for Christian's class is almost done. I have photos and need to put a couple of final touches on it and the hot potato will be ready to toss.


Monique said...

Beautiful layouts! Have fun making icecream! Sounds yummy!

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness!! KahlĂșa ice cream. Please, please share your recipe!! I love Kahlua.

thumper6423 said...

Yum, now I want ice cream. Good thing I have some in the freezer already. I hope the ice cream ball works for you. You'll have to post a review for us other moms looking for a way to entertain our kids this summer. I think making ice cream would be a fun family project.

Danielle said...

ohhh that sleep page is SO perfect. love it!!