Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rasberry Jam

I got up this morning and went out and picked rasberries and then made a batch of jam using SureJell. The SureJell is more expensive the regular pectin, but is sure easy. Since I get the rasberries for free and store bought jam is so expensive, I imagine the price is still good. The SureJell is much more family friendly. I only have to spend about five minutes in the kitchen while making it. I will keep on making a batch a day as the rasberries ripen.
I gave the boys the extra rasberries I picked for breakfast and then I let them lick the jam left over after I spooned it into the freezer container.

We went to the neighborhood park yesturday to let the kids play and eat lunch and while we were there, a group of friends from church showed up and it turns out they have having a woman's Bible study there every week while the kids play. They invited me to join the group and I am going to since it is so close to my house, the time is great and Christian gets a weekly play date with his friends. This is also the park were we go swimming, so we can hit the pool after Bible study most weeks.

The park system has a summer program. They fill the wading pools, have games and arts and crafts. Liam enjoys getting some art time.

Our cat Luna was stiking poses on Saturday night when it was so hot and I grabbed so pictures.
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Gina said...

Yum! Sounds fabulous - how long will it last in the refrigerator?

Sonja said...

mmmmmmm ...I love jam! I've never thought about making my own. Perhaps I should! :) Have a great day!

Juliana said...

I've never made jam and never thought that I could, but you make it sound easier than I thought! I might need to try that sometime.

Tammy said...

I love jam!!!!!! And yes, it is pretty high in the stores. Isn't it great when the communities have great programs for the children. I love that.

Char said...

Homemade jam sounds yummy - I wish I knew how to do that! My mom always made tons of it when we were growing up, but I never paid attention. Ok, now I need some toast! LOL

RefreshMom said...

The Bible study/play date sounds awesome! I remember going to the park days when we still had to follow our guys around on the play equipment. What a luxury to let them to play and actually get to spend productive time with the moms! Wish I was in the neighborhood for Bug and I to join the fun.