Thursday, July 24, 2008

We are four days into swimming lessons and it has been a nigthmare. I have been wearing my suit so I can go into the pool, grab Liam and take him back to the side since he keeps running off. (See photo below). I have been in tears or downright crying three of the four days in frustration. Today, Liam bit one of the boys in his class. I was mortified. He bit me yesturday and has been biting Christian a lot lately. We will need to research options to help him realize that biting is not cool before we get sued by parents. I don't want him biting, but I have to say that three year olds should be up to date on the Tetnus shot. Not that I want to excuse his behavior. He has not broken skin on anyone and I don't think we carry liability insurance to cover infected bites.

Liam likes the class and wants to go, so it is not like I am forcing him in there and he is three and a half and it is time that he learns to participate in group activities. It also affirms my decision to hold off on preschool.
Christian only has one more thing to master to pass his class. We will be working on back-floats at open swim. He really wants to pass so he can be in the same class as his friends.
I bought the boys an abacus the other day. It is great because Christian can work with is math without the manipulatives getting scattered around the house. He is really into using it. He spent quite a bit of time working on math this morning on his own.

Here are two layouts
Soccer Inc. by Lindsay Jane

Products by Rachel Young - Papers: Happy Pack Papers, Journaling Bracket: Fancy Mats
Brush: Paper Towels, Alpha: Color My World Alpha, Sweet Escape collab by Rachel Young and Amanda Rockwell, Summer Sweetness collab by Rachel Young and Anne Dejong


Kelsey S said...

Adorable LO's!


Mari said...

How cute is that abacus! I am so sorry about the biting, my almost 2 year old likes to bite, too. Its embarressing, isn't it?

Danielle said...

Oh yes, I know about the biting.. hate it! hope yours will stop doing it soon, I know I will go crazy if mine doesn't LOL. love the pages you made! great work!

Tammy said...

OH my!! My nephew bits and it seems he is not doing it as much, but that is something I wouldn't want to deal with. Good luck