Saturday, July 26, 2008

A quiet Saturday Morning

I love quiet Saturday mornings. Well it was quiet until I started blogging. Liam is trying to run off with pieces of their new telling time puzzle and screaming when we ask him not to.
I got up this morning and baked blueberry muffins and did a coffee press. We went to the berry farm on Wednesday. We picked blueberries and marionberries (a berry native to Oregon). I also picked up fresh green beans as well.
On Thursday, I baked a marionberry pie and David & Christian made marionberry sorbet in the ice cream ball. David and Christian trimmed and packaged the beans for freezing while I baked the pie. Liam played in the dirt in the back yard.
On the home front, we will have our first zucchini in the next few days. Our volunteer pumpkin plant has lots of blooms on it too. It is several feet long. We also have lots of grapes on our vines. I think we will have a lot of fall tomatos. There are lots of blooms, but no fruit yet.
We half way finished with swimming lessons. One more week to go. Liam is almost swimming, he just doesn't do what the teacher asks him to do. He likes the games.
Liam tried the tandum bike for the first time yesturday. He is not very strong on the tricycle and has not tried a regular bicycle. He has a long ways to go on balance. He was not happy when we got to a busier street and put him back in the trailer. He screamed the rest of the way home.
We are going to let Christian to go on a long ride on the tandum bike this morning. David and the boys are going to play at the park that is next to the ballet studio this morning while I am at class. Getting there should be easy. The ride back will be fun on the hills.
Christian caught our cat Tiglet yesturday....

As you can see, she just loves the kids. She usually looks put out just having to live among common humans. She likes little humans the least.


Amy said...

oh enjoy the ride! :)

amanda said...

Oh what FUN! I, too, enjoy quiet Sat. mornings! (I've even resorted to giving my kids candy if they will stay in their bedroom - with the door closed- until 9 am. Can't I sleep in?!* :)

Flohbock said...

Great story!

Dielle said...

Cute pictures of your kids with the cat, even if she's not super happy about it, LOL.