Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We called the dentist and made an appointment for Christian. Dentist's call his condition "Shark Teeth". They do not seem too worried about it and say that it usually fixes itself, the baby tooth comes out and the tounge pushes the adult tooth into place. They said the habbits like thumb sucking do much more long term damage with adult teeth then this condition.
My spider bite is almost cleared up, but the heat rash has been bad. We should have cooler weather today so I hope that will give my skin a break to heal.
The boys started swimming lessons yesturday. I have looked forward to their both going in the pool alone for classes, but I spent yesturday sitting on the deck in tears because Liam was so difficult before class and so uncooperative during class. I look around and it seems that every other child there can behave except mine. There is one woman I know who came up to me at the pool a couple of weeks ago and said that I was so lucky to only have to deal with two (she has three, but I always hate those comments) She was there yesturday and her three children all seem to be cooperative and were doing what she asked when one of my two would not.
The boys both love the pool, it is important to learn to swim and excersise is important but sometimes I question whether it is all worth it. It would be so much easier to just dump them in front of the TV and go read a good book.
Here are some layouts I have done over the last few days....

credits: Paradies by Anja J. Text Path by Sharia Braxton

credits: Wild Child by Lindsay Jane Designs

credits: Sunset's Edges by Tink's Trinkets

Credits: Swim Like a Fish by Jannylyn Brokken


Lilbirdscrap said...

love your new layouts!!!

lorig said...

Great pages. I hope the swimming lessons go well.