Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We are having another warm week. We have not done anything unusual, we are just going to the park and we will try to get to the pool today. We wanted to go yesturday, but Liam was tired and had a meltdown. He is still asleep, so today must be the day he gets all his catch up sleep. We will try to go swimming this afternoon.
I took Christian to a comic book store down the street and he picked out his first comic book, Superman. We were on our way to the Dollar Tree and I told Liam he could pick something out there He chose this set of fish bath toys. He does not understand money, so he had not idea that his thing was much cheaper then his brothers. He was so excited on the entire walk home and carried his fish with pride. When we got home, he wanted to take a bath and play with his toys. By the time I went back to the bathroom, he had his fish and his ducks all lined up. When Christian tried to move them, Liam got mad.
I told Christian that David could take him to the comic book store next time since he knows and enjoys comic books, so Christian asked David if they could go to the store first thing this morning while David was still in bed and David had no idea what Christian was talking about. I explained, but I think Christian might want to read the book he has before he looks for a new one.
Here a layout from our beach trip last month. Credits: Seascape by Lindsay Jane Designs

I am a July Guest for Rachel Young Designs at Scrapbookgraphics. Here is my first layout.
Credits: Kit - Summer Sweetness & Brushes - Paper Towel Brushes. (I will add links later)


Donna B. Miller said...

Aren't kids funny? I could just picture the fish all lined up. Congrats on the Rachel Young gig, Michelle. Love the layouts.

Juliana said...

Oh, that guest CT spot sounds fabulous! Have fun with that!

Debb Cozzi said...

You have darling boys and your layouts look terrific!