Saturday, July 12, 2008

We finally got our back patio cleaned up yesturday. David put all the carpet remnants out there when he pulled it out last winter and yesturday he finally folded it all up and moved it to the otherside of the house. Our neighbors on that side only mow their lawn when their landlord tells them to and have a trampoline with a sleepingbag on it, so I don't really care if they have to look at our carpet remnants. When we get a chance we will take it all to the dump.
Since it is summer, it is nice to have the entire patio.
Here is a layout using photos I used of the boys eating on the patio last night.
Credits: Let's Connect - Collab Kit available at Designs in Digital

We also added a little side area to the hen house to put the meat chickens in. Our little hen runs along the side of the hen house because she does not like being seperated from her friends. She seems to be holding up well with the big hens. She is a fast runner. She already trying to fly (the thing that kept getting her in trouble in the garage)


Michelle Powell said...

Darling layout!

Have a great weekend!

Deb said...

Love the layout, looks like they were having fun!