Sunday, July 6, 2008

I continued working with all my fruit yesturday. I made apricot, cherry and apricot-rasberry jam. When I am done with this blog post, David and I have to go to the garage and re-arrange the freezer to get all the jam in.
We had a barbeque in the afternoon. I made some honey-orange pork from my freezer cookbook, we defrosted it, put it on skewers and tossed it on the barbeque. We also put some corn on. While the food was on the barbeque, I pureed some apricot and cherries then David and Christian made sorbet in the ice cream ball.
Home-made sorbet is so much better then store-bought. I do not need to add much sugar and I think a little sugar goes a long way with sorbet. There is something about the taste of fresh fruit in jam or sorbet, it is so distict from what we buy at the store.
When we were eating the lunch we were commenting that the menu was like a spread from Sunset Magazine. Our yard still has a ways to go before it will be suitable for a Sunset magazine article (unless they are doing what not to do)
Here a some pictures of the nicer looking areas:

Credits: Kit: Summer Fun Elemental Scraps July Kit,


Wookies Mama said...

My mouth is watering thinking about your raspberry-apricot jam. Yumm! The sorbet sounds great,too!

Your garden is looking great. Soon enough it'll be ready for Sunset mag!

Thena said...

You make me feel lazy. Wait! I am lazy! LOL.

Beautiful family, blog, photos and pages. I'm enjoying browsing.