Thursday, July 17, 2008

Problem children

My spider bite started turning purple yesturday and I had a new rash show up behind my kneee so I decided it was time to see the doctor. I went to the urgent care last night at Kaiser. David was at work so I had to take the boys.
When I was meeting with the PA trying to discuss what what going on Liam decided it would be fun to turn off the lights. I kept pulling him away. Then Christian decided to join in. He knows better then to do things like that. I made him go sit on a chair while I finished the appointment. They did not get stickers or get to see the fish and they had to go straight to bed when they got home. I should get some kind of medal for keeping my head and not loosing my temper.
The spider bite is not infected, I just had a really bad reaction to it and the rest of my rashes are heat rash. They gave me a strong steriod to apply to the rashes and bite and a really strong anti-hystimine to take at night so I can sleep and not itch.
I slept like a rock last night and The bite and rashes are much better this morning. It is also cooler so I can recover from the heat rash.
We have Kaiser which has all of the Thrive ads telling people to excersise, get outside, eat fresh fruit and veggies and the such. It is funny that I was at the doctor with problems that resulted from working in the garden and riding my bike on hot days. If I had been just sitting in front of the TV eating fried chicken, I would not have any of these problems.
Yesturday I made Peanut Butter and Jelly Breakfast Cookies and Breakfast Burritos from my freezer cookbook. They boys love the cookies and it makes a quick, healty breakfast for them. I will make Lasagna Roll-Ups today and will be finished with my reciepes for this payday.
Here are two layouts.
Credits: Wild Child by Lindsay Jane

Credits: Sweet Escape by Rachel Young & Amanda Rockwell, Holes from the Big Deal by Rachel Young


Tammy said...

We use to have Kaiser, but when we moved from where my husband worked, had to switch. But you are right. I remember all the ads. My husband would agree with you about watching TV and eating Fried Chicken!! Glad the bite is better.

IreneO said...

Sounds like yesterday was NOT a fun day. Glad you're feeling better today.

Melissa said...

Sometimes kids just cant help themselves =) Glad you are feeling better today!

Stephanie said...

Oh no, not fun! I have to take the kids with me to a doctor's appointment next week and I am dreading it. Glad you're feeling better! Awesome layouts!

RefreshMom said...

Glad you got some help with the spider bite. DH had a roommate who got a bite from a brown recluse spider and it turned into a huge hasty ordeal. I'm glad yours isn't that serious.

Would you mind posting the specifics for your freezer cookbook? Some of the stuff you mention sounds like stuff my kids would actually eat! I love the idea of a breakfast cookie for them.