Monday, July 14, 2008

It's big, red and it itches

I have several bug bites and I really itch. There is one bite on my calf that is big red and really itches. Yesturday I was looking at this bit and noticed the large bump and my first thought was oh no it's cancer! I did not call the advice nurse. Whenever I read about possible signs of cancer, itching does not usually get mentioned (I imagine it might be a symptom sometimes, but it is not a common one). It is July and I have been outside a lot, so I probably have bug bites. I had a hard time sleeping last night because I itched so bad. I am still very uncomfortable this morning. I will be spending a lot of time with my Hydrocortisone today.
David's parents were in town for the weekend and the boys loved having them here. We had a barbeque in the backyard on Saturday and made rasberry apricot sorbet in the ice cream ball. We had a picnic lunch at the park and went swimming yesturday afternoon and then David's parents watched the boys while we went out to dinner at PF Changs.
Liam decided to go head first down the slide at the pool yesturday. I was standing under the slide ready to grab him when he landed and I saw he was going head first, but could not do anything about it until he hit the water. I grabbed him just as he came out and the life guard blew the whistle at him for commiting the crime, but mom was right there ready to deal with it. He has also taken to spitting (thanks big brother for teaching that one) He was spitting water at us at the pool, so all in all he spent a lot of time in time out and David pulled him out of the pool and dressed him when he would not stop spitting.
Liam is already doing belly flops in the pool and I am afraid he will start trying to dive soon. I don't think he will be allowed to go to the deep end until he is in grade school (3-4 years away) and it is hard to hold him back. I think we might just do private lessons with the boys in the fall and they might be able to work with Liam better in that environment. I feel like they need to get him swimming fast, but I doubt they allow four year olds in the deep end.
Here are some layouts I did this afternoon

Credits: Beach Critters by Pyralis Designs

Credits: Kit - Swim Like a Fish by Jannylyn Brokken, Template - Jaelicious by Crissy W.


Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...
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Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

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*dang typos*

Sounds like a spider bite hon. I had one last year that had gotten infected (doctor said that my hand could have infected it when I scratched), it was big, red, hot, swollen and was getting bigger by the day. He gave me a small prescription of antibiotic and it cleared it up. This year I got one and put hydrogen peroxide on it and then neosporin and kept putting an ice pack on it all day to take the heat out of it and it cleared up really good.

Hope yours gets better!

Have a great one and thanks for visiting my blog!

SarahB said...

Hope those itchy spots heal soon!

Beautiful layouts!

Tammy said...

DON'T SCRATCH!! But watch it though to make sure its not a spider bite.

Anonymous said...

Oh my - hope it's not a spider! Your layouts are really gorgeous, I love them!

Danielle said...

I already comment on your gorgeous pages at DST.. they really are SO great! love your blog!

DawnMarch said...

Gotta love little boys - they are always pushing the limits, aren't they!? Sorry to hear about the bites -- cortisone cream might help, but not always.