Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 72 - A stomach virus and laundry

Liam came in and climbed into bed with me early this morning. He was warm and I could tell he was not feeling good. He slept for a while, then he woke up and started throwing up. He managed to hit amost every piece of bedding. I got him to the bathroom. He threw up a couple of times after that and needed his clothes changed each time. He fell asleep about 9:30, slept a while and woke up about an hour later and has been fine since then. He is now begging for food.
The picture above shows him sleeping with one of the five loads of laundry we have done today in the background.

This is Bronte in front of the laundry.
Here is a layout I did last night
Credits: Forest Whispers by Lindsay Jane Designs


Erika said...

Aw, poor guy! We had that here a couple of weeks ago, so not funny! Sweet picture though, and cute photo with the cat.

Christy said...

I hope your little feels better soon.

listgirl said...

Oh I hope he feels better soon, poor little guy. I guess your cat likes to help with laundry eh?

Michelle -talonsmommy said...

Poor thing! We've had the funk going around's not fun!

JanMary said...

Hope he and your laundry mountain improve soon.

mijo said...

I hope you feel better.
Wonderful Lo.

Zippizip said...

Been there done that and got the T-shirt! Hope he feels better!

Stan at Scrappers Workshop

bentonflocke said...

poor guy and poor mum with so much laundry!

Hope now is everything ok!