Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 60 - some things for the garden

I bought some plants for the garden yesturday. Some pasies to plant under our big pine tree and vegetable starts.
We added some lime, peat moss and compost to the soil under the pine tree today to start get ready for the flowers.
We also baked a carrot cake together this afternoon. I had to run a couple errands. While I was gone, David helped Christian grate the carrots. He turned around to do something and when he came back all the carrots were grated.
We also made some lasagna. It is baking in the oven right now.


Karen said...

Yum - lasagna and carrot cake - great combination!

Amy Eileen said...

I wish I could make things grow. I killed a cactus once... yeah...not so good at the plant thing. lol Sounds like you had a wonderful day though! Enjoy your supper and dessert!

listgirl said...

mmm.. carrot cake, one of my favorites! Can't wait to see your garden grow.

Christine (

bentonflocke said...

Carrot cake and lasagna sounds great! Hope it tasted well?

Good luck with your plants and the whole garden project. I´m looking forward to see more!