Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter Photo Shoot

We just finished our annual Easter photo shoot. I like to put the boys in matching clothes and pose them in the backyard with the chickens. Liam does not like to change his clothes so it is always a challenge to get him to change. This year David "accidently" spilled water on him, then he demanded new clothes and I was able to rush in with a fresh set of dry clothes.
I set up a stool by the back of the house. If you look closely, you can see where Liam "painted" the back of the house with dirt a couple of weeks ago. We had the boys sit down and let the chickens out of the hen house. We used Cheerios to lure them over to the boys. We first wanted Christian to hold a chicken, but the chicken spooked and upset Christian. That is why he is not smiling in the photos. I took several photos. The chickens are back in their hen house and Liam is covered in mud now.

I used Tea Party Scene Builder Kit by Alana McCarthy and I also made a quick page which is available on Alana's CT Blog


bentonflocke said...

love these natural shots! They are great for annual Easter

JanMary said...

Cute pics.

I would freak out if I had to pose with chickens - I have bad memories of them as a child at my grandfather's farm.

Meisie said...

teeheee...that chicken was not appreciated...but I do like the one with the 2 white chickens...nice and natural!

Erika said...

Your Easter photos are so sweet! They look so cute with the matching clothes and the daffodiles.
You seems to have very nice spring weather, so lovely with the sun. We got some more snow today, right now it is all white out again.

Kirsten said...

very cute! I would have been scared of the chicken too. LOL!