Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 64 - re-arranging furniture

We decided to pull the TV out of the living room for Lent. We have been having many TV centered power struggles, so David and I felt it would be best to remove it for a while. Since Lent started last week, we decided that it would be a nice season to do without and see how it goes. We still have the TV in our room, so the kids are the only ones on this fast.
My laptop's USB hubs are shot, so I cannot plug my external hard drive (which has all my data), my iPod, camera, pen tablet, scanner or printer into it. We have our new desktop, so we decided to make it the main computer and set everything up out here. As you can see from the list, I have been trying to run a lot of things out of one little laptop. I have to unplug and replug cords to do anything. For the printer and scanner, it really makes sense to have them hooked in to a computer where we can easily use them anytime.
All of the info above brings us to the photo of the day. We are moving the living room around to accomodate the absense of the TV and the entrance of the whole computer set-up, which will involve two desks. We had the boys pick up their toys and they are sitting with them.
I am taking the boys out for a bit and David will begin phase one...The moving of the bookshelves.
I need to de-clutter the computer desk in our room before it can move out here, so that will be my project tonight while I watch Grays Anatomy.
Here is a layout I managed to do in the midst of the chaos.

Credits: Midieval The Full Kit by Alana McCarthy at scrapbookgraphics


gabs aka evitangel said...

oh that's always hard work but much fun! hope you enjoy your time without TV

~*Jennifer*~ said...

Oh that sucks about the USB hubs! Have fun rearranging things...I know that's a hard task to do!

Tanyia said...

Oh I love re-arranging things ... well not all the time of course lol. But it gives you such an instantly gratifying sense of accomplishment to see it finished! Enjoy...and lovely LO!