Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 63 - Writing, Cats and a layout

Christian worked on his writing on a giant pad on the floor today instead of at the table. He writing out a poem right now.

I notice that Bronte and Luna and sitting much closer to each other than they use to. I am just waiting to walk in and find them curled up together.
Here is my February in Review template.

Credits: Templater - Project 365 Febrary Template by Hillary Heidelberg, Papers from Spring Fling - Elemental Scraps ADSR Kit.


JanMary said...

Love your low down shot of your son - great angle.

listgirl said...

I love the perspective of the photo of your son on the floor doing his writing exercises. The lighting on the cats was way cool!

Shannon said...

Your 365 photos are awesome!!

Erika said...

Great angel on the first shot, and I love his look! Cute smile!
Sweet with the cats too. Ours never curls up togheter, only if one is sleeping where the other one wants to be they can lay besides eachother. But it never lasts long.