Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 59 - New iPod and running

My iPod has been having issues for a few weeks. It will not sync with the computer. It will play the songs that are on there, I just can't add or remove anything. Since this issue came about the same time that tax refunds come, David gave the go ahead on a new iPod. So today I went to Costco and bought a 120 GB iPod. The funny thing is that I spent $100 less than I did on my old iPod and I get four times the capacity. I went through and deleted things I don't want on the new iPod. A lot of kids stuff came off. It is all on the old iPod forever, so it is not really gone. Here is a picture of the new iPod getting synced.
I took a ballet class today. Instead of riding my bike like usual, I decided to run to the studio. It is a bit over three miles each way. The one thing about the Saturday morning class is that the teacher is intense. She pushes the students hard. I was still able to run about a mile and a half home, then I walked the rest. I did encounter one problem. I ran into a part of the sidewalk that is elevated from a tree root. I did not see it and tripped and fell. I now understand what happens when those Olympic runners wipe out. When standing or walking I can usually find balance when I trip or something. I think that since we are moving so fast while running that the brain is not able to work everything out. I have a bruise on my knee, but like those Olympic runners, I got up and continued running.
Here is a layout

This is from Chrissy W's challenge template at Elemental Scraps. I used designs by Therese K.


Kirsten said...

yay for the new ipod!! cool pic. great take on the template challenge too!!

listgirl said...

Congrats on the new iPod Michelle! Looks like you like to listen to NPR, me too! My running coach says that trail running is much tougher simply because our brains have to work extra hard to decide what to do with our bodies when we encounter different obstacles in the trails. So you're absolutely right.

Christine (

Erika said...

Great that you got a new ipod! And it is amazing how much more capacity you can get for less money. So cool.
I'm very impressed with the running to and from class, that is great work! Sorry you fell, hope it heals soon!