Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 50 - When the going gets tough, the tough eat chocolate.

It has been very stressful around here the last couple of days. My laptop got some spyware on it Tuesday night. I stayed up until 1:00 am trying to de-bug it. I worked on it some more yesturday and by 2:00, I knew I could not fix it myself. I took it back to the computer shop. They said that I was not able to remove it, but did a good job containing it, so they would be able to fix it fairly easily and then download and install a good program to make sure it does not happen again. I will hopefully have it back in an hour or two.
I also decided to keep the boys up later yesturday, so they would sleep in this morning and be in a better place to go to our homegroup tonight. That back fired. Liam did not want to go to sleep last night and it took several trips of walking him back to his room before he gave up and went to sleep. He was up at mid-night and I was able to ask him to go back to bed and he did, then he woke up at 6:30. I was very tired this morning and Liam went from one melt down to the next. I put him in the jogging stroller and jogged to his art class. He loves that class, but just could not handle it today. When we came home, David took both boys out again and walked with them to the Library to get Liam good and tired. While they were gone, I have to confess I ate chocolate for lunch. I was kind of like my cat running to her cat dish to eat when she needs to soothe her nerves.
When David and the boys returned home, I laid down with Liam. There was some crying and fighting from him, then he fell asleep. He had a Tae Kwon Do class today, but I decided he would do a make up class on Saturday.

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Cindy said...

Big chocolate (((((HUGS))))) to you! I love DARK chocolate!

Mousey said...

Oh you all must've been exhausted!! Sometimes chocolate for lunch is what's needed :o)

Anonymous said...

I hope all get sorted. Chocolate always fun, I feel.

JanMary said...

Oh it is tough when the kids don;t sleep and are cranky - bring out more chocolate!!!

Erika said...

Ouch, sounds like a stressful day. Hope they get a good nights sleep and that today will be better!

Anonymous said...

I understand your tired and stress! Sometimes we have a great planns and we think that we'll realise them so easy and then bum....everything goes different ;) Specially with kids :))))

And I love chocolate!!! So I eat it very very oft bot only for lunch ;)

Have a nice day

bentonflocke said...

what a stressful day! I´ll cross my fingers for your computer!

yummy chocolate love also the dark one