Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 58 - Snow and Sand

I decided we needed a change of scenery today and since it was not raining, I decided to take the boys to the beach. There is a rest stop on the top of the coast range where we usually stop, since the coffee kicks in around there. The roads are clear, but there is a lot of snow in the mountians. We were not dressed for snow, but we explored for a few minutes. It was above freezing, so it was not as cold as it looked. We did turn the heat up in when we returned to the van.

I baked a spice cake yesturday and brought some with us today. Christian ate his on the beach.

The boys had fun playing on the beach. The high point was digging a big hole and placing rocks around the edge of the hole.

I played around with the Macro setting on my camera today.


listgirl said...

Awesome! Snow and beach in the same day! The boys looked like they had a lot of fun.

Christine (supertwinkle)

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

You are so fun and the only mom I know that really does things like that- so spontaneously. Usually if I want to do that sort of thing i end up doing it alone =) b/c noone is game. I wouldn't have thought of just up and driving my kids to the beach- but that is such i good idea. LOVE IT! can you tell =)?

bentonflocke said...

wow these photos are so fantastic and different beach and snow at one day - great

What a fun for the kids

Erika said...

I can just add what the others commented; so cool with both snow and beach with just hours apart! Lovely pictures of your sweet boys, and I love the macro shot of the bud!