Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 35 - Seeds and January Layouts

I made butternut squash soup yesturday. I pulled the seeds out, washed them and I am drying them. We are going to start a gardening unit for homeschooling soon. I have a couple books ready at the library. We are going to plant most of our seeds at a friends house and they are going to take care of the seeds until they are ready to transplant to the ground. I thought we could have a couple plants here that they boys could water and watch the plants grow (hopefully)
Here are a couple layouts I did. This first one is my January month in review layout.

Credits: Template was a blog freebie by Liz Designs, Kit: Simple Things by Therese K - Available in the Elemental Scraps Feburary Sampler
They have a fun challenge at Penny's Miscellany which is the team blog for Penny Springman(blog link in my list on the right). They provide a calendar topper template every month and then you can make the page at that time and then at year end you have everything ready to print calendars. This is my January Page.

Kit: So Happy Together by Angie Kovacs and Tracie Stroud


Little Dragon Designs said...

great idea for a homeschooling project! The layouts look fab too!

bentonflocke said...

Fantastic layout and great idea with the project!

Pillowgirl said...

I am enjoying looking at each little picture on your monthlong of photos layout.

JanMary said...

Great pic of the seeds - look forward to seeing them grow.

Your monthly layout looks great.

Lisa Joy said...

Good luck with the growing of the seeds! Can't wait to see the photos of the plants!

DawnMarch said...

oh, I LOVE your month-in-review layout! how perfect!