Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 52 - In the Garden

I spent a few hours today working in the front (formerly rose) garden. I dug up most of the roses a couple of years ago and left one, Queen Elizabeth. The Queen is a nice hybrid that produces pink buds that look like they came from a florist. It is the perfect rose to have for bouquets and it is fairly low maintenance. Some of the roses I dug up came back in whimpier forms. I pruned the Queen, she really got whacked (they are into that kind of thing) and dug up the returns. I also cleaned up the herbs, dug up weeds and added some compost. This bed has been fairly neglected because the front yard is not fenced in and it was hard to find time to work up there. Now that they boys are older, I want to treat it better.
While I was working, the boys did their own project under the big pine tree. When we were done we stopped for a photo op in the wagon.

I am reading Second Nature - A Garden's Education by Michael Pollan right now. I read this book a couple years go, but did not have time to spend in the garden. This is a good time of year to read it while we are in a waiting, preparing the soil pattern. The book is not an instructional manual, but his reflections are gardening. I have found it helpful for me to think about what I want from my garden.


gabs aka evitangel said...

you are some happy guys to be able to get outside. we are still on winter temperatures here! great photos!

Charlize said...

what a great time to hang out with the kids!

JanMary said...

Love those pics, and great you got so much done in the garden.

I have never grown roses, but there is a large rose festival near us every year which is beautiful.

Erika said...

Looks like you had a great day in the garden. Lovely photos of you all!

Jess said...

I had some roses once, and i honestly needed a "roses for dummies" book. Its great that you all are getting outside, I want to spend more time in my yard this year, maybe i should get that book. i am in need for some gardening inspiration

SarahB said...

What nice photos of you and your boys!

I'm sure your garden will appreciate all your hard work!