Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 51 - Customer Service Centers Annoy Me

I took the boys to the AC Gilbert Museum in Salem today. We are all still tired from our sleep issues this week and I was having allergy problems with the early spring flowers (most likely Daphne) and the cleaning supplies they use. So the boys had some fun, but it was not as fun as I would like. We went to McDonalds afterwards. Liam was starting to have a temper-tantrum about the same time that an employee told me I needed to move my van, because the delivery truck had arrived and they needed the spot. I was there alone with the boys. I can't just leave them in the play area and go move the van. I have to take them with me. Neither had their shoes on. I had not cleared the table and Liam was having an tantrum. I think most people can see where this is going. I also have to make sure they are both in their booster seats, buckeled in before I move the van while Liam is having a tantrum. So the answer would be no, I can just go move my car. I will get out there as soon as I can, but I have kids and I am alone, so your truck is just going to have to wait.
My iPod is having an issue. I wanted to see if it was more likely a problem with my USB cord (which my cat eats through often) or the battery. The USB is a easier and cheaper fix for me and Apple, so logic says try to fix that first. I called Apple support and I just needed a human to explain my problem to and see when they think. I have to go through the whole phone tree, a computer tries to trouble shoot and I am all I am not an idiot, I know how to charge and sync my iPod, I need a human. I get a human. They make me go get the serial number off my iPod, which is very small and I am 39 years old, do the math there. He did not get it the first time so I had to squint and strain to re-read it several times. After he gets the info he tells me my warranty is expired and he can only give me limited info. I tell him I just have one simple question and if I could just ask it without going blind or insane he can move on. When I tell him of my issue, he asks me if I have the offical Apple USB cord and I say no, my cat ate through it a couple years ago and I am on my fourth or fifth cord. Then he finally tells me I probably just need a new cord and my latest replacement if probably a bad one. So much work for such a simple issue.
Here is another layout I did using Spring Awakening by Alana McCarthy at Scrpabook Graphics

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