Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 39 - cookie dough and layouts

After church today, we stopped by McDonalds to get Madagascar II from the Red Box. I wanted to get garlic bread from Safeway, but they were sold out, so I grabbed some french bread, brought it home, softened butter, minced garlic and grated fresh parmesean and made my own. It was fantastic. It is all gone.
I also took a bike ride yesturday and passed Burgerville. They were advertising a white bean - yukon burger. I did not want to actually go buy one, but the idea seemed yummy. I chopped an onion and some Italian parsley, peeled and grated a potato, then opened up a can of white beans, drained them and added them to the veggies. I added about 2/3 cup Italian bread crumbs and an egg and mixed will, until the beans were smashed up. I made patties and cooked them in some olive oil. While the patties were cooking, I mixed a tbsp of lemon juice some mayonaise, freshly ground salt and pepper for an aoili. When the patties were lightly browned on each side, I topped them with the aoili. Too yummy. I love the way the flavors played off each other. It almost has a Greek taste.
My photo is the cookie dough before I baked them to have a snack with the movie.
Here are two layouts...

Everything is by Tracey Monette, Credits Here

I did this layout for the Scraplift Challenge at Elemental Scraps. Credits Here


Christy said...

Great idea to snap a photo of the cookie dough -- yum!

Martencja Designs said...

those cookies look very very appetizing..:) Great pages!

.meg said...

Great photo and your LOs are lovely!