Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 40 a birthday and a layout

It is funny that today is day 40. That number has been and will be a big part of my life in August and David will cross that thresh-hold a year from today. I took a photo of David and the boys. I love how the photo really captures their personalities.
Here is a layout I finished last night.

Credits: Here


Melanie aka Mom_of_5 said...

Love the depth on the layout! 40 huh...that number isn't as big now as it used to be...already passed it, but dh will hit it in Aug!!

Martencja Designs said...

wwwoooww great pictures!

Alicia said...

great LO

Anne of Alamo said...

I enjoyed your whole blog! exciting news about the CT's you are joining! I really like how you did the pics in one month...alot! lol