Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 33 - Bulking it up with cabbage

I bought a roasted chicken from Costco on Friday. I used most of the meat from the chicken to make a chicken salad from the cookbook How to Cook Supper. The recipe makes a ton of this salad which tastes good and is great to have in the fridge to grab out and gnaw on when we need a little snack. When I buy a roasted chicken, I take the skin and bones and put them in the crock pot, cover it with water and cook it overnight for broth. This process also gets more meat off the chicken. It is only about a cup, but it is more meat none the less. Today I grabbed that meat out and put it back in the crock pot and covered it with a teriyaki sauce I bought from Trader Joes. I cooked it on low while I went to ballet. When I got home, David started some rice in the rice cooker then I chopped up some onions, carrots, cabbage, ginger and garlic. I sauted the onions in a bit of peanut oil then added ginger and garlic for a minute or two. I then added carrots and after a few minutes, cabbage. After the cabbage was cooked a bit I added the chicken and sauce from the crock pot and served it over rice. It was too yummy.
Here are two layouts I did this weekend

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This layout is for ADSR challenge 9. The photo is of my grandmother, mom and myself as a baby. Don't you just love the prints on the shirts?

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Ellay said...

That dinner sounds YUMMY!! I loooove cabbage!

great layouts, too! I really like the journaling on the first one!

Jess said...

yummy. im going to have to write that one down!

Erika said...

Mmm, it sounds so yummy I almost get hungry again!
And you've been tagged on my blog. :)

Karen I. said...

Your dinner sounds great! Lovely layout too.

DawnMarch said...

Love your idea for "re-using" chicken!

Mousey said...

oohhh sounds so yummy!!
Love your LO's :o)