Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another layout & Off to the butcher

I did a layout today using Study Hall and some doodles from Laura Mcgee designs

We took the turkey and the chickens to the butcher today. We got a big box from a local appliance store and cut it to the right size to transport them and then we took the box out to the hen house and covered the door with the box and David went in to grab them. We went after Allie B the rooster who has a thing for the chicken first since he is the fastest. David then grabbed the turkey since he was easy then we got henny penny. On the drive out there, I thought the car had a problem, then I realized it was just chicken sounds. I dropped the cooler off with the poultry and I will drive back out to take them home and put them in the freezer for some good meals.


Garynka said...

Cute layout!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Flora said...

great layout...adding you to my blog:)

Gotta Pixel said...

Love your journaling!! Bet they had fun. Dd of course noticed the Veggie Tales shirt. :)