Tuesday, August 14, 2007

scrapwood going

I have some people who have expressed interest in our scrapwood. I would be so pumped if it could leave our yard without my having to do anything or spend any money.

I took the boys swimming today and Liam fell asleep on the way home and did not wake up easily. He was grumpy for about 45 minutes, then started to feel better. By bedtime he did not want to go to sleep and he cried for I don't know how long in his room tonight. I am not enjoying this not really ready to give up naps/will not go to sleep until mid-night if they nap phase. I look forward to kids play safely and independently/mommy reads a book phase. That might just be another way of saying college.

Baers Garten Design has a cute Painted Solid Paper pack and a Doodlelina Flower pack in the store. I did a layout using both of them.
I am reading Through the Painted Deserts (Light, God and Beauty on the Open Road) by Donald Miller. He also wrote Blue Like Jazz. I love his books. He asks such great questions about his faith andhow it relates to the world around us. My favorite part of Through the Painted Deserts so far is where he is talking about trying to get his friends VW Van through the hills of Okalahoma. I love this because many years ago, I had a similar experience in the hills of Southern Oregon driving my friend Michelle's Plymouth Champ and it did not have enough power to get up the hill so we did the exact same thing as Donald and his friend did.
I found a new singer I like tonight listening to Michael Card's In the Studio Podcast. He had Andrew Peterson as a guest. His story telling in his songs reminds me so much of Rich Mullins.

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heather said...

Oh, that is so frustrating when they nap and then can't get to sleep at night - you have my sympathies!