Tuesday, August 7, 2007

on to drying tomatos

Today I roasted the three bags of red & yellow peppers I bought and made a pizza with homemade pesto for my basil plants and I peeled and sliced several pounds of tomatos and they are drying right now. The boys really like the dried blueberries, but I let them eat them while I worked on the tomatos (to keep them out of the kitchen). Liam loaded them up on his trucks and I found them smashed into their toys. He was also covered in blueberry at bedtime. (I gave them the blueberries that were too big to dry and the speed I wanted them to)
Christian had his second day of cooking camp today. He just loves it. They made dutch babies today. We have to do an enrichment class next fall for tax puposes and Christian chose cooking class for that too.
I also trimmed back the nasty shrubs that were growing in my herb garden today, so our yard does not look so trashed.

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