Sunday, August 12, 2007

dream house

We have found three houses that both David and I like (we have only seen the outside, we have not toured the inside yet). The one draw back is, we are not ready to put our house on the market for about 5-6 weeks and therefore, we do not feel it is right to start putting offers down either. There is one house I just fell in love with after seeing the listing and I drove by alone last night and just love it and so I took David by today and he loves it as much as I do. We will just have to pray that if this is the house for us, it will still be available in a few weeks or that there is something better.
Other then gawking at houses we have had a quiet weekend. I have been busy designing and printing brochures and registration materials for our MOPS group. I just have to have them ready to mail on Tuesday. It is raining a bit today, so that helps towards our attempts to green our lawn again. David took to boys to a neighborhood outreach at a local church where they had inflatable water toys and then we went swimming, so they had plenty of water time.

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