Friday, August 10, 2007

busy day/busy week

I cannot believe how fast summer is going. Christian wrapped up his week of cooking camp yesturday. Next week is free for the kids and I even have a light work schedule. The last two weeks of summer we have swimming lessons for the boys. We are also seriously considering putting our house on the market, so we are going to start on our household repairs again. I also want to re-seed the front lawn (and water it until the rain starts). We have to put a new roof on as well.
We have been busy this week with work, meeting with the realtor/mortgage agent and Christian's camp. Today I worked on the registration packet for MOPS and this afternoon, I took the boys to the zoo. I got some great pictures of the boys petting the goats. I will try to get a layout this weekend with them. They also enjoyed their ride on the zoo train. We got to ride the old steam engine and Christian was just facinated with the train the entire ride. We played at the Washington Park play structure for a little while and Christian mostly ran laps around the structure while Liam played in the sand box. They both fell asleep quickly tonight.

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