Thursday, August 23, 2007

I did not love swimming today

We went to the pool again today to meet friends for open session, then we had lessons. To start this story out, I must first say that Liam ate several carrots and a ton of fruit yesturday. When we arrived at the pool and I went to take Liam's diaper off, he was mid-bowel movement, not a fun place to be. I tried to get his diaper off and run it to the garbage. Some of the deposit dropped on the floor. I went to run to the bathroom to get toilet paper and this lady was standing in my way watching the whole thing and I still had to say excuse me, she did not even think to move or forbid even help me. We got that disaster cleaned up. We went swimming and had fun and then when the break came between open swim and lessons, I smelled a foul smell and I checked Liam's diaper and we had deposit #2. If one had not had an experience of a soiled swim is SCARY and picture this with carrot chunks. I forgot to bring wipes in with me, so I had to take Liam out to our bag, naked with chunks of poop stuck to him. I was almost in tears and Liam was crying. I also had to tell the pool officials that they should inspect the pool before starting class. Thank goodness it was clean.
After swimming my friend Meagan and I took our kids to the Spagetti Factory for dinner. They screwed up putting our order in so we waited forever and Meagan finally asked what was up and they found that the order was not in, so we asked for the food in to go boxes, they gave us our dinner for free and gave us gift certificates for a future meal and they accidently gave us meal we did not even order, so David has a snack for later. The kids were making a huge scene, since we were waiting so long, we were ready just the to let them loose in the restaurant.
Tommorow is my 20 year class reunion. I have to open at work and grab a nap, but the rest of the day will be Michelle's day of beauty.


Leora said...

YIKES!! What a day you had!! At least you got a free meals. tomorrow will be better. :)

JanMary said...

Great pool story - one day you will look back and laugh - promise! Thanks for sharing