Sunday, August 5, 2007

Day at the beach

We went to Newport yesturday. We re-joined the Oregon Coast Aquarium and spent some time there looking around. Christian has always enjoyed the Aquarium, Liam is starting to enjoy it more, but he still gets fussy after a while. He really liked the sharks. He yelled out all his statements in the Passages in the Deep section which is a tunnel where sound travels well. He enjoyed looking at the large tanks of fish too. He really likes birds, but David had to take him out of the aviary, because he was dumping gravel in the water and the volunteers that work there do not have much tolernace for such things. I was rebuked for letting Christian climb on a rock and look at the birds.

Afterwards we went to the beach and played for a couple of hours. I never cease to be amazed at how dirty the boys can get. They had fun playing in the sand and rolling down the dunes. We went to the bay front hoping to eat at Moes, but the line was down the street, so we went to another place. We also went down to one of the boats and bought a fresh tuna to bring home.

For dinner tonight we enjoyed the tuna seared with carmelized onions, chili flakes and mint with a fresh salad with lettuce and cheese I bought at the farmers market and cherries I also bought at the market that I dehydrated. I also baked dill bread.


Garynka said...

You had a great day for sure!

QuiltinAngel said...

It sounds like you had wondeful day. I hope that tomorow is just as good.

susan said...

Your dinner sounds fabulous! Any chance you might post the recipes??? :-)