Monday, August 6, 2007

off to the farm

We went to Sauvie Island today to get some more blueberries to dehydrate, yellow and green beans to freeze and tomatos to dehydrate as well. The blueberries are drying right now and Christian and I prepared the beans and I blanched them and froze them.
We also got to see our rooster that went to live at the farm and he seems happy. He seems alienated from the chickens, but romance needs some time.

I did a couple of layouts today using Study Hall by Laura McGee Designs, it will be available tomorrow at &
I also used Little Frog Prince by Pyralis Designs at

I also have a music plug: Sarah Groves. I heard her on Michael Card's in the Studio podcast and I really like what she shared and her music. I bought a couple of songs on iTunes and liked them so much, I bought more yesturday with the gift card I got for my birthday. Her music is Contemporary Christian, but it has depth and substance, spritually and musically. Her voice reminds me a bit of Alanis Moraset (sp?). I was looking at her tour schedule and she will be performing at the MOPS convention this year. I am bummed I will not be there.

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gooma said...

I am wondering if you can share how you dehydrate blueberries. I have tried with an oven before but it molds within a month. Any tips?