Thursday, August 16, 2007

the best toys

We have found two great toys for the boys

1. An empty, large box from Ikea

2. A Whoopie Cushion

These two toys have given the boys hours of endless amusement. I found the whoopie cushion while cleaning the garage yesturday and tonight, just before I began dinner, I showed it to them and taught them how to use it. Liam was real grumpy before and after they had it...he was laughing away. It was the best dinner preperation time I think I have ever had.

Christian took the empty box and moved a bunch of pillows and blankets in it and is using it as a house.

They just noticed that their kitchen was gone today. When Christian asked about it, I told him that I gave it away, but there is a toy kitchen in his Sunday school classroom, so if he wants to play in the kitchen he can play there or at the Children's Museum.

I did two layouts today using Lavender Bloom by Pyralis design and My Sister's Circus by Digital Designs by Jannylyn.


KirstieGai said...

great LO's, love the stars on the first one. My kids love playing with boxes and the bigger the better.

Patricia said...

My boys love large empty boxes and whoopi cushions. Thanks for the well wishes for my surgery. I am hoping to go home today.