Monday, August 13, 2007

giving things away

Today, I decided to post some stuff we are trying to get rid of on and craigslist. No one seems to want to come get the wood from our old fence. (If you live in the Portland Metro area and you want wood, let me know) I had a plastic Mickey Mouse playhouse that just collects tree needles that I posted and their was a mad rush on it. I responded to the woman who said she ready to drive over right now and I asked her if she wanted our Fisher Price toy Kitchen and she did. When I was trying to set the stuff out front our neighbor started grabbing the things and putting them in their yard. I would be be okay with giving the things to them, but this other lady was driving all the way from the other side of town. I had a few more toys I wanted to get rid of and I put them out and told the neighbors they could help themselves to them. When the lady arrived, her car was too small for the Mouse house and she was going to try to take it apart, but I shared with her that the neighbors were eyeing it and I had to protect it for her and she said that the neighbors could have it since her grandaughter was getting the kitchen. The one draw back to this set up is that my kids will see their old toys in the neighbor's yard, but I figured I would say something like wow they have the same toys we do.
I still have a computer desk, a patio table and tons of scrap wood for any and all!


Janeal said...

I have never heard of What a great way to get rid of things instead of throwing them away. Good doing on becoming clutter free by the way. I need to work on that.

Amanda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! I need to get rid of some clutter and toys too. I'd forgotten about freecyle, thanks for the reminder. I love your page too! Great blog!