Monday, August 27, 2007

Last day for Turkey and Chickens

Today is the last day for our Turkey and chickens. Our rooster (Allie B) made the moves on the Turkey yesturday afternoon on our patio. The sounds of rebuff the turkey made were a riot. Allie B also crows when he gets stressed. It will be a loud day tommorow since they have to stay in the pen and cannot be fed 24 hours before harvesting. I made a little slide show in honor of their time with us. Chickens and Turkey. We have talked to the kids and explained what we are going to do and we have a fresh batch ready to go outside on Wednesday when we get home from picking the others up at the butcher. I hope the transition goes well and most important I hope I have eggs in spring.

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Michelle said...

Eggs in the spring -- omg, you are SO turning into Martha Stewart! Except I doubt hers ever mingled with Tonka trucks. ;-)